5 Reasons why There is Shortage of Teachers in the UK


Suddenly the UK is faced with a big challenge. They are having shortage of teachers. So, the government is encouraging schools to recruit teachers from overseas. Here are the main reasons why there is shortage of teachers.

Numbers of students are increasing

The number of school students has increased over the past years. This is because the birth rate has increased recently. There is increase in the number of students in both the primary and secondary sectors. The number will rise by 20% within the year 2024.

Graduates are finding jobs somewhere else

Young graduates are going after private sector jobs. They are not entering the teaching profession. The salaries are low, so these graduates don’t feel like entering this field. They easily get many better-paid jobs.

The route to teaching profession changed

The teachers are required to go through extensive training programs. This is an additional responsibility. So, teachers feel discouraged to enter this profession.

More responsibility

More than 1,100 schools have become sponsored academies. Teachers have to meet targets. Teachers need to work for long hours, and the curriculum is often changing. The number of teaching assistants is decreasing.

Education budget is decreasing

The budget for education sectors is low. Schools are at a risk of going bankrupt. Less money is being spent on recruitment. Teacher’s salary isn’t increasing as well.

All these factors are contributing to the shortage of teachers in the UK. If this continues then, the education system of UK will be in great trouble. The government should take some measures immediately to come out of this situation.

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